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Mastel Family History

Appleby DNA project

The Appleby DNA Project covers all variants of the Appleby Surname - including Applebee, Appelbe, Apelbe, Applebey and has its own website at


The DNA project has been running since 2009 and currently has 59 sets of yDNA results - most of which fall into one of five geographical groups.  The website includes full details of these results as well as a growing number of reconstructed APPLEBY/BEE family trees.  We also provide resource data comprising spreadsheets of baptisms, marriages and burials, as well as census entries for Applebys in various parts of the British Isles.  We are continuing to add many more family trees as well as BMD and census information for other parts of the world where Applebys migrated.


The line of Joseph Appleby, tin plate worker of Bethnal Green, is included in the DNA Project, (the main reason I set up the project was to break down a brick wall in our own line of Applebys ... sadly, the wall is still standing though there are some clues that our Joseph may connect to some lines originating in the Midlands)  We also have a growing number of sets of Autosomal DNA included, which represent several different Appleby lines.


If you have Applebys in your family history, we hope that you will be willing to contribute information so that the website provides a comprehensive database of family trees and resources for Applebys throughout the world.  And if you are a male Appleby descendant who still carries the surname (i.e. you are a directly descended through the male line) perhaps you will consider becoming a yDNA test volunteer to represent your line of Applebys.  Use this Contact form to get in touch about the Appleby DNA project.


The DNA project is part of the Appleby One-name Study registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies, and in conjunction with Family Tree DNA.