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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

photos from BRAZIL

Click over the flags on the map or the images below to see photos from that part of Brazil. 

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Rio de Janeiro                              Iguassu Falls                               The Amazon

Olinda                                              Praia do Forte                               Florianopolis

Campos Altos                               Ouro Preto                                     Rio Mutum

Minas Gerais                                 Minas Gerais                                The Pantanal

Flights to and within Brazil were with TAM airlines (look out for their special Airpass which gives you discounted fares if you are visiting several cities within Brazil)

All organised tours were booked through Travelbag

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Minas Gerais

Sao Paulo

Although it appears on the map, I have no photographs of Sao Paolo, as although I must have passed through the airport over a dozen times (nearly all minor flights connect there), I have never actually left the airport!  


However, it is the most impressive city imaginable to fly over ... it is simply immense and there are helicopters buzzing around everywhere beneath the plane, as I am told the traffic is so appalling that all businessmen travel by helicopter. (Can this be true?)

brasil genealogy site

Brazil Genealogy

for the past few years, my dau-in-law and I have been trying to discover more about her family history - on visits to her grandmother Silvia we learnt all about the last few generations and we are now trying to discover when the family arrived in Brazil and where in Europe they originated.  We have been using autosomal DNA as part of this research and have uncovered a possible link to the Azores - fascinating stuff!!