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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Snary & Olpin families

The earliest SNARY I have located was married in Bristol in 1666 (I THINK he must be connected to the later Bristol SNARYs, but I need to do much more research to be sure) and there were certainly still SNARYs in Bristol in 2000.  I am actively researching this line of my ancestry, so return soon to see if I have made any updates:

Rhoda SNARY, my maternal grandmother (who married Frank WARD (see WARD section) - there are two mystery photos on this page: perhaps you can help me by identifying them?


Henry SNARY and Eliza OLPIN 


Joseph SNARY and Eliza MISSON; William Reed OLPIN and Elizabeth BROOKS


Isaac SNARY and Harriot EVERSON; Michael MISSON and Mary ROGERS; William OLPIN and Joanna SMITH; William BROOKS and Betsy ?


more SNARYs, OLPINS and MISSONs (details to hopefully be added in the not too distant future)

Ancestors of Rhoda Emma Snary

This section updated January 2019