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Mastel Family History

Mastel Family History

Snary & Olpin families

The earliest SNARY I have located was married in Bristol in 1666 (and I am pleased to report that I have now established his connection to my own SNARYs) - details will be added very soon) and there were certainly still SNARYs in Bristol in 2000.  I am actively researching this line of my ancestry, so return soon to see if I have made any updates:

Rhoda SNARY, my maternal grandmother (who married Frank WARD (see WARD section) - there are two mystery photos on this page: perhaps you can help me by identifying them?


Henry SNARY and Eliza OLPIN 


Joseph SNARY and Eliza MISSON; William Reed OLPIN and Elizabeth BROOKS


Isaac SNARY and Harriot EVERSON; Michael MISSON and Mary ROGERS; William OLPIN and Joanna SMITH; William BROOKS and Betsy. Including a special feature on Isaac SNARY junior ... bad boy turned good (then possibly bad again) ... there seems to be one in every family!


Joseph SNARY and Ann MORRIS, plus two further wives



(details of more generations of SNARYs will be added in the not too distant future)

Ancestors of Rhoda Emma Snary

This section updated November 2019